It is a Carious Story

A musical theatre show handled by students

This season, the Opéra national de Lorraine and the University of Lorraine have teamed up to stage a musical theatre project based on Benjamin Britten's opera The Turn of the Screw, whose new creation has just been recorded here in Nancy.

Mixing students from different courses, the latter have been gathered around the same project allowing them to discover all the steps of the creation of a show, in a professional setting: set design and presentation of the maquette, dramaturgy, stage direction.

The Theatre students of the Humanities department have thus assumed the role of actors, guided by the director Catherine Umbdenstock and the playwright Simon Hatab, those of the class of musicology and choral singing have ensured the musical part. As for the volunteer students of the École nationale supérieure d'art et de design of Nancy, they designed the scenography of the show with the support of the plastic artist Gilbert Coqalane.

These are nearly 100 students and 10 teachers who are involved in this project!

The restitution of this project took place on Friday 23 April, after a week on the set of the Opera with Catherine Umbdenstock, Simon Hatab and the singing teacher Célia Pierre-Gay. Thus, the decor imagined by the ENSAD students with the support of Gilbert Coqalane came to life!

The context limited the audience to a few professionals and teachers, but the restitution of this project could still take place.

A great experience for both artists and students. A big bravo!


Discover in pictures the different steps of the project, from the maquette's presentation to the final restitution:

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