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Where are you going like that?

10 – 11 May 2024

I beg you to be patient regarding everything in your heart that remains unresolved, and to try to love the questions themselves like closed rooms and like books written in a very foreign languageRainer Maria Rilke

Where do you go when your mind wanders?
How heavy is your burden, everything included?
Whereabouts in your body do you store love?
How many kilometres away are you from your dreams?
In what song have you hidden your youth?
Do you have any tricks for pretending to be an adult? What can you use to mend a broken body?
How did you find the friends who really care about you?
And besides that, where are you going like that?

This show is a compilation of questions (good, silly or naive) and answers ( blunt, sincere or silent). It's the result of eight months of conversations, writing workshops and artistic practice with all those who have crossed the path of the IRR of Nancy.

On paper, it tells the story of personal destinies and thwarted paths.

On stage, it combines the form of documentary theatre, the force of a symphony orchestra and free choreography.

But in principle, it's a rendezvous with all the question marks that dance within us. Because there are certain answers that await a question all their lives.


  • Fri. 10 May 2024
    Opéra national de Lorraine
  • Sat. 11 May 2024
    Opéra national de Lorraine


Free entrance (Bookings available soon)

about 1h

All audiences from 8 years



Opéra national de Lorraine

Opéra national de Lorraine Orchestra
Text and dramaturgy

Chloé Kobuta

Conductor and musical conception

William Le Sage

Stage direction

Danielle Gabou

Artist and chorus master associated with cultural activities

Guillaume Paire

Non-professional artists 

patients and former patients from the Nancy Regional Rehabilitation Institute


by the medical teams of the Nancy Regional Rehabilitation Institute

with the support of

and with the label

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