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Cercle Orfeo – Opéra national de Lorraine’s circle of private individual sponsors

To become a member of the Cercle Orfeo, is to support:

An Opera focused on creation
The fifth regional institution to be granted the title of National Opera by the French Ministry of Culture in 2006, the Opéra national de Lorraine is recognised for the accomplished work of its teams and the quality of its productions which cover the entire opera and symphonic repertoires while also remaining oriented towards contemporary creation.

A people’s Opera, open to all
By becoming a sponsor, you are supporting the artistic and cultural education initiatives that are undertaken each season with school, community, and medico-social audiences. You will also be participating in an inclusion-based Opera project aimed at everyone. In short, an interactive Opera offering audio-description, tactile tours, and off-site concerts for audiences who have often been neglected or overlooked) …: so many projects for which your donation is precious.

An Opera firmly established in the region
Its location in the Place Stanislas and its links with regional organisations and other opera houses in France and Europe have enabled the Opéra national de Lorraine to contribute to the cultural vitality of Nancy. Become a member of the Cercle Orfeo and enjoy privileged backstage access to one of the major actors in the cultural life of the city.

By making a donation to the Opéra national de Lorraine, you will qualify for a tax reduction equal to 66% of the amount of your donation, up to a maximum of 20% of your taxable income.
Example: If you make a donation of €100, you will qualify for a tax reduction of €66 which will bring the cost of your donation down to €34.

For more information, download the Orfeo Circle leaflet below.

The Opéra national de Lorraine thanks all its sponsors

Gilbert Doré et Sylvie Lepagnol

Claire-Lise Claudon, Elisa et Thomas François Giacometti, Philippe Gaillard, Jean-Luc et Claudine Gaillard, Yves Girard, Philippe Maurer, Olivia Melone

Pierre et Chantal Aletti, Etienne et Christiane Aliot, Monique André, Françoise Bagot, Daniel et Marie-Hélène Barlet, Annie et Michel Bernard, Marion Blumen, Norbert et Monique Bon, Lionel et Andrée Bourbier, Monique Brucker, Michel et Marie Françoise Brungard, Isabelle Bulle, Brigitte Cartener, François Chrétien, Bernard Claudel et Noël Minet, Michel et Danièle Clemens, Michèle Colet, Francis Colnot, Marie-Véronique Compagnat-Loudiyi, Thierry et Marie Conroy, Jean-Pierre et Danielle Corvi , Yannick Courseaux, Jean-Pierre De Gasperi, Etienne et Françoise De Miscault, Thérèse Deutscher, Patrick Dionnet, Jean et Anne-Marie Dreiszker, Dominique Droz, Jean-Pierre et Denise Dubois-Pot, Simone Evrard, Marie-Louise Finqueneisel, Odile Foucaut, Véronique Fournier, Michel et Elisabeth Gantois, Michelle Geminel, Nicole Gerard, Luc Girard et Catherine Hologne, Dominique Guerini, Josette Hamard, Patrick Hantelle, Gisèle Harter, Jean-Claude et Josyane Haxaire, Jean-Claude Humbert, Patrice Hurstel, Martial Imbault, Marie-Christine Issartel, Corinne Jacques, Jacques et Brigitte Jaray, François Jeanjean, Michel et Monique Joseph, Pascal Jouanneau et Cornelia Kretschmer, Colette Keller-Didier, Serge et Giselle Laurent, Marie-Claire Laxenaire, Claire Le Flohic, James et Annick Lefebvre, Agnès Legardeur, Lise Lhuillier-Gaillard, Marie-Claude Malblanc, Marie-José Mandry, Marie Mansuy, Jean-Pierre et Anne-Marie Massehian, Jean et Catherine Maurel, Axel Maury, Alain et Nicole Maury, Nicole Mettavant, Jean-Marie et Gisèle Minni, André Moine et Frédérique Vincent-Moine, Elise Morin, Gérard et Christine Munier, Liliane Nau, Marc et Martine Nedonsel, Joël et Annie Pajot, Greogoria Palomar, Jean-Marie et Simone Parisi, Dominique et Michèle Perrin, Pascal Petit, Frédéric et Rachel Petitdemange, Jean-Jacques Pierre, Michel et Danièle Ramspacher, Noëlle Remy, Pierre et Catherine Renson, Claudine Rulquin, Eliane Schiferdecker, Jean-Louis et Anne Sebrier, Michel Skoric, Dominique et Pascaline Spaeth, Joseph Stines, Françoise Thomas, Alexandra Tubiana-Potiez, Anne-Marie Venot, Bruno et Hedwige Vernin, Odile Vialette, Claude Vigneron, Alan et Colette Westphal, Francine Willemin, Jacques et Danielle Witz

And all donnors who prefered staying anonymous.
Last list's update : 27th september 2021


Amandine De Cosas
+33 (0)6 31 89 42 71

Mô Frumholz
Events referent of Cercle Orfeo

+33 (0)6 44 25 19 73


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