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by the fire

Nancy Opera Xperience #2

27 Sept – 03 Oct 2022


The Nancy Opera Xperience or NOX is a laboratory for operatic creation. Its aim is to rethink the way an opera is produced in order to imagine new forms: by inviting artists to work on a long-term basis, in close connection with the city and the surrounding communities.
 For its second edition, the NOX has initiated a two-season collaboration with Mathieu Corajod, assuming the role of both composer and director.

one the terrace?
sit here, if you like
a hot drink ?
be careful, it's hot
tea ? coffee ?
it does you good
a biscuit ? something to nibble on ?

Rendez-vous by the fire

Rendez-vous by the fire

Le Nancy Opera Xperience continues to question the limits of opera performance with this creation conceived by Mathieu Corajod, including the soprano Viktoriia Vitrenko as well as artists from the Chorus and musicians from the Orchestra: a popular and unifying form, meant to burst into the city by mixing the words of the poet Dominique Quélen with spectacular video mapping effects

Performed on Place Stanislas, in conjunction with the Ephemeral Garden -  held at the same time - and in resonance with the creation of Like flesh, the performance invites the people of Nancy - spectators or simple passers -by - to stop for a moment to discover short sketches. Everyone can then choose to attend the whole performance or just a part of it, just as one would stay by a fire for a few minutes to warm up before moving on.


  • Tue. 27 September 2022
    Place Stanislas
  • Thu. 29 September 2022
    Place Stanislas
  • Sat. 01 October 2022
    Place Stanislas
  • Mon. 03 October 2022
    Place Stanislas


Venue Place Stanislas

25 minutes

Dual-commentary tour
Opera & Ephemeral Garden
Tuesday 27 September at 3pm
(Meeting point in front of the Town Hall)

In the context of
Musica in Nancy


Composition, stating

Mathieu Corajod


Dominique Quélen

Opéra national de Lorraine Orchestra

Opéra national de Lorraine Chorus

Lighting, Video

Victor Egéa

Set design

Clémence de Vergnette

Outside view

Stanislas Pili


Viktoriia Vitrenko

Comissioned by

Opéra national de Lorraine / Festival Musica

With the participation of the Ecology and Nature Department of the City of Nancy and with the support of Aargauer Kuratorium

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