Opéra national
de Lorraine


Paul Brody


Êtes-vous amoureux ? (Are you in love?) is the first project of the Nancy Opera Xperience (NOX). Starting in the 2020-2021 season, the NOX is a laboratory for lyric creation. Its aim is to rethink the way an opera is produced by inviting artists to work during a long period, in an informal dialogue, elaborating a production in close association with the region.

Êtes-vous amoureux ?

This creation of the Opéra national de Lorraine brings together international artists invited to express their vision of Nancy: the sound director Chloé Kobuta (France), the composer Paul Brody (United-States), the stage director Kevin Barz (Germany), with the help of the stage director David Marton (Hungary).

“Are you in love?”, is the indiscreet question Chloé Kobuta asked the people of Nancy. From the summer of 2019 to the winter of 2020, she walked the streets of Nancy, collecting amusing, sad, tragic, tender, passionate, trivial or unusual stories from those whose paths she crossed: night birds haunting the streets of the Old Town, octogenarians dancing in the Pépinière park, taxi drivers navigating the boulevards, old ladies shopping at the supermarket or young mothers walking their children…

From the sound booklet formed by these recordings, Paul Brody wrote his score: this composer has made the spoken word his playground. He is interested in the invisible music that hides beneath our every phrase: that intimate melody that reveals our emotional state, our origins, our past travels or our family history. His music catches the soul of a city.

These love stories were then reinterpreted across the city - in a deserted brewery, under a bus shelter, in a laundromat, at the swimming pool, in a car park or at the Bowling Alley - by four soloists, directed and filmed by Kevin Barz. The lyrics have not been rewritten or altered: they are rendered in their raw state, with their intrinsic music and everyday poetry. True to their original documented recordings.

While the health crisis has dispossessed us of public space, Êtes-vous amoureux ? offers anonymous stories, scenes of love life that make up the opera of a city.

Êtes-vous amoureux ? opéra interview
Nancy Opera Xperience #1

World premiere
New production

Online launch on 25 March

Music Paul Brody

Texts Chloé Kobuta, based on interviews of inhabitants of Nancy conducted in collaboration with Alexandra Levinger

Conductor Jonathan Stockhammer

Orchestra and Chorus of Lorraine National Opera

Choirmaster Guillaume Fauchère

Concept Kevin Barz & Paul Brody

Director and video Kevin Barz

Scenography Lisa Navarro

Costumes Pauline Kieffer

Lighting Henning Streck

Director of Photography Johannes Wagner

Assistant director Ester Pieri

With Guillaume Andrieux, Lionel Peintre, Pauline Sikirdji, Léa Trommenschlager

Sound recorded by Little Tribeca


With the complicity of the City of Nancy, the Metropole of Greater Nancy, the City of Vandœuvre‑lès‑Nancy, the City of Villers‑lès‑Nancy, the City of Saint‑Max, the City of Laxou, the Stan network, the Ensemble Poirel, the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nancy, the Cinéma Royal, the Alfred Nakache swimming pool, the supermarket Auchan La Sapinière, the Le Grand Sérieux brewery and the Bowling Alley at Les Nations.

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