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Julius Eastman

"Works for four pianos"

11 May 2021 | 20 h 00

Julius Eastman is a renowned figure of the New York musical avant-garde of the 1970s and 1980s. He is a multifaceted artist, at once composer, pianist, singer and dancer. His pieces, which belong to the minimalist movement, incorporate pop elements and reflect his political commitments against racism and homophobia.

Sinking into poverty and alcohol abuse, Julius Eastman died anonymously in 1990 and many of his scores have been lost. Wrongly underestimated, his work has been the subject of recent rediscoveries.

On stage, four pianos and four musicians, equally at home in the classical and contemporary repertoire. Melaine Dalibert, Stéphane Ginsburgh, Nicolas Horvath and Wilhem Latchoumia have chosen to interpret Julius Eastman's famous trilogy, with its incandescent intensity and titles evocative of the composer's struggles: Evil Nigger, Crazy Nigger and Gay Guerilla.



Melaine Dalibert

Stéphane Ginsburgh

Nicolas Horvath

Wilhem Latchoumia

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