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La Noche de los Mayas

Gershwin - Márquez – Piazzolla - Revueltas

14 May 2021 | 19 h 30

La Noche de los Mayas or Night of the Mayans was originally composed for the film directed by Chano Urueta (1939): a story of love and blood, culture shock, murder and sacrifice. Nicknamed the Mexican Stravinsky, Silvestre Revueltas shares with the composer of The Rite of Spring a wild and ritualistic energy that he draws from Mayan folklore. He infuses this iconic work with a vibrant, percussive and violent music that reaches trance-like proportions.

To accompany Revueltas, a group of composers who also enjoyed blurring the boundaries between so-called learned music and traditional influences. An example is his compatriot Arturo Marquez, who blends elements of Mexican and Cuban folklore into his compositions. Gershwin's Cuban overture, composed during a stay in Havana, is inspired by Caribbean rhythms. As for Astor Piazzolla, the Argentinian composer occupies a special place in the pantheon of the 20th century, at the crossroads between tango and contemporary music: the concert is also an opportunity to celebrate this immense musician whose centenary we are celebrating in 2021.


Lorraine National Opera Orchestra


Manuel López-Gómez

Gaspar Hoyos


George Gershwin

Cuban overture

Arturo Márquez

Concierto Son

Astor Piazzolla

Adiós Nonino


Silvestre Revueltas

La Noche de los Mayas


Free, free admission* on the evening or tickets to be collected only on from 3 May 2021 at 1pm

(*within the limit of available seats).

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