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Ton Rose
– Decay

Creation 2022

02 – 06 Mar 2022

This cross-over programme will bring together the new and the old, with a recreation of a classic from the end of the last century and a new creation by a guest choreographer firmly rooted in the present.

On the one hand, Twelve Ton Rose, created in 1996 by the Trisha Brown Company, will feature the music of Anton Webern, from which the choreography is directly inspired. Excerpts from several opuses almost seem to disrupt the bodies, creating a surprising dance that reveals to the spectator the immense sensitivity of the Austrian composer. On the other hand, Decay, a resolutely contemporary piece in which Tatiana Julien wants to explore the idea of slowing down, as a reaction to a world of increasing and toxic speed. A return to the all-too-false idea of taking one's time, and a reassuring celebration of idleness. 


Twelve Ton Rose


Trisha Brown


Conception and choregraphy

Tatiana Julien

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