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Dare the unknown!

- Everything's allowed on Thursdays
This program is designed to introduce schoolchildren to the pleasure of attending a concert "just like adults". To this end, the Opéra national de Lorraine reserves seats for your classes on symphonic Thursday evenings at 8pm. The purchase of tickets by your establishment entitles you to a meeting with the conductor Marta Gardolińska before the concert!

Price €3 per person.
Venue Salle Poirel (unless otherwise stated)

- Educational resources
You can find answers to your educational questions on the "Resources" page of the Opera's website or by contacting the Artistic and Cultural Education Department directly. Let us guide you so that you can approach all the artistic offerings of the 2023-2024 season with peace of mind!

- Tailor-made programs
Each season, the Opera sets up tailor-made programs that are particularly suited to specialised educational establishments. The timetable and nature of the activities are jointly devised by the establishment and the Artistic and Cultural Education Department.

Visits for nursery schools
The Opera organises visits for your middle and large sections, lasting around an hour. Your pupils will discover the places where the performances take place and will be able to slip into the shoes of the artists for the duration of a workshop!

These projects can be part of calls for projects supported by the Rectorat de Nancy-Metz-DAAC and partner local authorities. They can be combined with cross-curricular projects with other cultural structures in Nancy.

Registration and teacher contacts

Online registration for school events from 6 June 2023: "Opéra citoyen / Schools and higher education" area. 

Artistic and Cultural Education Department
T. 03 83 85 33 20

Enrolment for opera performances, symphony concerts and visits outside of any program
Ticket office
T. 03 83 85 30 60

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