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Conference with Marianne Chauvin, doctoral student in musicology, Sorbonne Univeristy

The question of gender in opera productions today

Saturday, Januray 20th at 11 a.m. at the public Foyer

Since L'opéra ou la défaite des femmes, published in 1979 by the philosopher Catherine Clément, other authors have shown that through librettos, stagings, role typologies, the presence or absence of certain bodies and sexualities on stage and in the programming, opera reflects gendered social norms that it helps to convey, perpetuate and construct. In recent years, however, actors on the opera scene have been reconsidering the representations of standardized bodies: directors, composers, librettists and artistic directors are seeking to propose models that are more in tune with the diversity of realities. This conference will invite the public to discover some of these approaches and, through a few examples, to experience what they change in order to question their own representations, on the opera stage and beyond.

Organized by the Des'Lices d'Opéra association
Price: €10, Free for members

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