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Magical Animals

30 – 31 Jan 2025

It all begins with a little boy just like any other, kind and happy, who loves playing with his friends, laughing, jumping about and smiling at adults' foolishness. But one day, a strange sensation takes hold of him, like a chill running through him that paralyses his feelings and emotions. He puts his hand to his heart, only to feel a great icy cold, as if his heart has frozen...

With this musical tale for the very young, composer and multi-instrumentalist Rémi Studer has invented a sort of mini-show where each character (as in Peter and the Wolf) has his or her own instrument, and where the narrator Claire Trouilloud interacts with nursery rhymes the children can repeat during the show and amusing quotations from the great musical works of the repertoire as we stroll through the orchestra discovering its instruments.



about 40 min.

10 € (adults)
5 € (children – 12 years)

From 3 years


ORCHESTRA OF THE Opéra national de Lorraine
Musical direction and composition

Rémi Studer


Claire Trouilloud

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