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for pirates

01 – 02 Nov 2024

Rackham the Red, Captain Hook, Long John Silver and Jack Sparrow have finally found a successor to match their talent: Mordicus! Just as adventurous a pirate, but, it has to be said, far more likeable! The seven oceans he travels are those of music and the astonishing worlds hidden on  mysterious islands absent from navigation charts...

One day, Mordicus trades in his tailcoat and scores to become a buccaneer of sound. But this time he arrives on an island populated by his former peers dressed as black and white penguins! Determined to come ashore, Mordicus discovers a symphony orchestra more than willing to be led off the beaten track and away from routine, and to play the crazy instruments that abound in the pirate's hold...

An ideal opportunity to don your finest masks, costumes and make-up!


  • Fri. 01 November 2024
    Salle Poirel
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  • Sat. 02 November 2024
    Salle Poirel
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about 1 h 15

10 € (adults)
5 € (children – 12 ans)

From 5 years


ORCHESTRA OF THE Opéra national de Lorraine
Conception and musical direction

Dylan Corlay 

Collaboration with conception and dramaturgy

Emmanuelle Cordoliani

Collaboration with conception and choreography

Victor Duclos


Clarence Boulay and Solène Ortoli


Julie Scobeltzine


Pierre Daubigny

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