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Time will tell

Diana Soh

04 – 05 Apr 2025

This world premiere brings together three exceptional artists. Diana Soh belongs to a new generation of female composers who believe that opera must address social issues head-on. Director Alice Laloy is known for her impressive installations that borrow from puppet theatre. She is collaborating with playwright and pop musician Emmanuelle Destremau. These creative female minds have joined forces to create a unique production that looks at the future through the eyes of children and teenagers.

Tim will tell is one of those expressions that seems to have been uttered since time immemorial, used to conclude a conversation that has gone on a little too long. The phrase takes on a more serious and profound meaning in our times, as our planet's resources run out and the prospects for future generations look increasingly tenuous.

It starts here
On the other side of things
And it unfolds in the opposite direction
And it starts all over again
Never where you expect it
Time will tell

On stage, thirty-five young performers from the Lyon Opera Youth Choir form a beating heart subjected to a severe ordeal: in the stage house, an orchestra of machines produces wind, rain and storms... This small autonomous community will have to face its fears and organise itself to survive in the midst of the raging elements.


  • Fri. 04 April 2025
    Opéra national de Lorraine
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  • Sat. 05 April 2025
    Opéra national de Lorraine
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1 h without interval

5 — 85 €

Show in French, with surtitles
All audiences from 10 years


Time will tell, opera in three movements for children's choir and mechanical orchestra

World premiere at the Opéra de Lyon in 2025


Emmanuelle Destremau


Diana Soh


Opéra de Lyon, Opéra national de Lorraine

Joint production

Théâtre National Populaire de Villeurbanne

Maîtrise OF Opéra de Lyon
Musical direction, choir direction of the Maîtrise

Nicolas Parisot

Conception and stage direction 

Alice Laloy


Jane Joyet


Maya-Lune Thiéblemont


César Godefroy


Cécile Laloy

Props, machines 

Benjamin Hautin

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