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Carmen, Touring scenic opera

Based on the work of Georges Bizet

07 – 09 June 2024

Do you know Carmen? No doubt, since it is one of the most popular and most performed operas in the world. So let's rephrase our question: would you like to discover Bizet's opera as you've never seen it before? In natural or urban settings. Carmen in the open air, Carmen in the street, Carmen in the square, Carmen in the forest, Carmen by the waterside, Carmen on the seashore, Carmen in an underground car park...

Here we come, here we are,
Taratata, taratata.

When she last came to Nancy, Jeanne Desoubeaux and her company Maurice et les autres took us on a journey in the footsteps of Orpheus with Où je vais la nuit, a musical feast as lyrical as it was pop. This time she's taking us on a completely different journey, both literally and figuratively: ten artists and a reduced orchestra comprising piano, cello, clarinet, percussion and ukuleles, for a travelling performance in which each stop corresponds to a new act. Divided into groups, the audience is offered a range of subjective and original points of view on Carmen's tragic destiny. A project as crazy as it is adventurous. Calling all adventurers!


  • Fri. 07 June 2024
    Salle des fêtes de Gentilly
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  • Sat. 08 June 2024
    Salle des fêtes de Gentilly
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  • Sun. 09 June 2024
    Salle des fêtes de Gentilly
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10 € (adults)
5 € (children - under 12)


 from 13 years of age


Touring scenic opera

Based on the work by Georges Bizet

In partnership with

Le Mémô Nancy-Maxéville

Creation – June 2023


Compagnie Maurice et les autres


Le Carreau - Scène Nationale de Forbach et de l’Est Mosellan ; Théâtre de St Quentin en Yvelines - Scène Nationale ; Théâtre de Caen, L’Azimut de Chatenay- Malabry, Le Gallia Théâtre de Saintes

Stage direction

Jeanne Desoubeaux


Jérémie Arcache et Igor Bouin

Assistant director

Louise Moizan

Set and space design

Cécilia Galli


Alex Costantino

Stage management

Paul Amiel

Sound creation

François Lanièce

Stage management

Redha Medjahed


Léonie Lenain


Anaïs Bertrand, Kaëlig Boché,  Igor Bouin, Solène Chevalier, Jeanne Desoubeaux, Jean-Christophe Lanièce, Pauline Leroy, Lauriane Maudry, Flore Merlin, Agathe Peyrat

With the support in residence of

de création de la vie brève – Théâtre de l’Aquarium, du Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris et du Département des Yvelines, du Théâtre du Cloître de Bellac, de la Ferme de Villefavard en Limousin, du festival Urbaka et de la Maison Maria Casarès

Acknowledgements to

Véronique Atlan, Agnès Terrier, à l'Opéra Comique et au Théâtre du Châtelet

in partnership with

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