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en Chœur !

A year of vocal practice for 8-12 year olds

08 – 09 June 2023

Children's voices arouse an incomparable emotion that many composers have succeeded in capturing. Even more so than adult voices, they are both explicit and mysterious, the bearers of life.  A children's choir reminds listeners of the essential and spontaneous joy of singing together, allowing them for once to embrace music without triggering the critical mechanisms that dampen pleasure.

To bring out the particular grace of young vocal ensembles, the Opéra national de Lorraine has teamed up with the teaching and artistic talents of conductor Thierry Weber. Under his guidance, the young singers from several schools in the Nancy-Metz Academy will experience all the emotion of a shared and challenging project.

The Opéra national de Lorraine Orchestra will join this Youth Choir to complete this moment of poetry and to introduce them to the euphoria of choral and symphonic performances.


  • Thu. 08 June 2023
    OCTROI Nancy
  • Fri. 09 June 2023
    OCTROI Nancy


Venue L'Octroi
Free with reservation in the limit of 4 tickets per person
All audiences


The New Youth Choir of the Opéra national de Lorraine

Opéra national de Lorraine Orchestra

musical director

Thierry Weber


Marie Leymarie


Félicité Chaton

the New Youth Choir of the Opéra national de Lorraine

École Ory – Nancy, Collège Guynemer – Nancy, École Élisabeth et Robert Badinter –Tomblaine, Collège Jean Moulin – Tomblaine, École de Ceintrey, Collège Robert Géant – Vézelise

Choir preparation teachers

Frédéric Chaty, Céline Colin, Séverine Fleurentin, Delphine Garland, Anne Mangeot, Olivera Mannoni, Laurie Olivier, Stéphanie Paul, Séverine Pernet

with the support of the sponsorship of AXA Assurances Vie Mutuelle

and the participation of Fondation Berger-Levrault

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