Young audience

Le Concert des jeunes gens

13 – 15 Apr 2023

This is a new kind of concert with two sides, like the 45 rpm singles of those who are parents - or grandparents! - today.

Side A: the magnificent text Secret des parents in which Nancy writer Nicolas Mathieu, winner of the 2018 Goncourt Prize, questions what makes grown-ups so mean to children, the mysterious secret that unites adults in a strange anti-children fellowship, and which becomes a story told in music to an original creation for chamber ensemble by classical and jazz musician Thomas Enhco.

Side B: the Lorraine illustrator Amandine Meyer will sketch the story  Le festin de l'araignée by Albert Roussel, illustrated in music with only one constraint, to move us and make us think. What does it mean to be a child and to hope today, in a world where one crisis follows another and where the spectre of an unprecedented climate catastrophe seems to destroy any bright future?

Opéra national de Lorraine Orchestra

The parents' secret

from the Radio France series "Une histoire et... oli".

Histoire écrite et racontée par Nicolas Mathieu

Story written and told by Thomas Enhco

Conductor William Le Sage

& symphonic illustration of Le Festin de l'araignée, Albert Roussel by Amandine Meyer


1h approx.

€ 7 (adults)
€ 5 ( child - 12 years old)

From 4 years old

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