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The Fabulato-graphe


28 Feb 2023 | 18 h 00

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Take a fable by La Fontaine, for example that of The Raven and the Fox.

Extend their adventures over four seasons, let them meet the other domestic and wild animals from the collection in the course of extravagant peregrinations through forests, lake beds, and, why not, even on the moon.

Add music selected from Vivaldi, Rameau or Clerc.

Plunge the whole creation into an immersive cinema format where imaginary worlds are superimposed on the prosaic reality of the theatre and magnify the singer and musicians.

The result is a storytelling and dream machine, a Fabulatographe which, once started, never ceases to invent new adventures to be shared with music and family.

With this innovative and playful formula, the Compagnie Les Monts du Reuil celebrates the 400th anniversary of the greatest French fabulist in the form of a discovery of Baroque music.

Texts Fables by

Fables de Jean de La Fontaine et Claris de Florian


Antonio Vivaldi, Jean-Philippe Rameau, Emmanuel Clerc

Conception, scenario & staging

Hélène Clerc-Murgier, Louison Costes


Jeanne Zaepffel


Compagnie les Monts du Reuil

with the musicians of the Opéra de Reims


  • Tue. 28 February 2023
    Salle Poirel
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1h approx.

7€ (adults)
5€ (child– 12 years old)

From 4 years old

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