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15 Jan 2023 | 10 h 30

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An imaginary biopic based on the life and work of Jacques Offenbach

After 40 years of success and battles in Paris, of hard work and sumptuous parties, Offenbach, saddled with debts, embarked on a tour between New York and Philadelphia. The year was 1876. The discovery of the new continent was a revelation. His European status reminded him of his Rhenish culture, recalls childhood memories and awakens his political thoughts.

With the American orchestra praising him and singing his most famous tunes, Offenbach was already secretly thinking about his last composition... The Tales of Hoffmann!

But before he could compose this last opus, Offenbach reviewed with his orchestra and singers an artistic life rich in burlesque and political situations at the end of the 19th century.

This lyrical journey through Offenbach's work reveals a more intimate side to the famous French composer from Germany.

Directed by

Philippe Petit

Stage director

Mikäel Serre

Conductor and musical

Yann Molenat


Anthony Bergerault

Set and video design

Sébastien Dupouey


Fanny Brouste


Sébastien Michaud

Dramaturgy and artistic collaboration

Katia Flouest-Sell

Jacques Offenbach

Vladislav Galard


Gwendoline Blondeel


Clara Fréjacques


Ju In Yoon


Florent Karrer

Albert Wolff, journalist

Bogdan Hatisi

Gustave, the servant

Bertrand Cardiet

A guest

Christophe Sagnier

La femme de Jacques Offenbach

Anja Stegmeier

Opéra national de Lorraine Orchestra and Chorus

Set construction

Opéra de Reims

Costume Production

Opéra national de Lorraine


  • Sun. 15 January 2023
    Free entrance

Venue Cinéma Caméo Saint-Sébastien

Film in French


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