Young audience

The Haunted

31 Oct – 01 Nov 2022

Don't assume that museums are places for calm and contemplation... That's what they would have us believe, because in reality, there is nothing more alive and exciting!

Take for example the Museum-Aquarium during Halloween, you can't even imagine what happens there: a whole underwater universe worthy of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea gathers there for a truly demonic, gloomy and exhilarating ball! The ghosts of the Titanic Orchestra cross paths with Rusalka and the Rhine Maidens as they join hands with the survivors of Atlantis for some wild and amphibious waltzes. And be careful no one treads on your flippers!

This year, it is the turn of zany Bogdan Hatisi to guide you through this grand ball of witches and sponges during a fantasmagorical musical promenade through all the spaces of the museum.

Musicians from the Lorraine National Opera Orchestra


Bogdan Hatisi


Stéphane Mège

In partnership with the Muséum-Aquarium de Nancy


  • Mon. 31 October 2022
    Aquarium Museum
  • Tue. 01 November 2022
    Aquarium Museum

Special opening

Purchase possible on the Museum Aquariums website.

1h20 approx. (walking tour)

9€ (adult)
6€ (– 26 years old)

From 7 years old

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