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Young people's concert #2

What is classical music?

01 – 03 Apr 2021

"What is classical music?" To this question, which at first seems obvious, one would be tempted to answer by paraphrasing Saint Augustine on the subject of time: "If no one asks me the question, I know the answer. If someone asks the question and I want to explain, I don't know anymore." None of the musicians in the repertoire defined themselves in his time as "classical". "Classical music", " erudite music", "great music" are all expressions invented in hindsight to describe music that was often composed on the spur of the moment and sometimes on the basis of history.

But, by erecting an opposition between so-called "scholarly" music and so-called "pop" or "popular" music - which requires no prior condition to be appreciated - does this noble and worthy expression seem to be a double-edged sword? Doesn't it run the risk of locking up the works and their composers in an imaginary dusty museum where musical heritage is condemned to slowly perish?

Clément Lebrun challenges the cliché that scholarly music is the preserve of a cultural aristocracy. He suggests that we set out to rediscover this music which, democratized by radio, television and cinema, is already part of the soundscape of our lives. Accompanied by the Lorraine National Opera Orchestra, these Young People's Concerts are the ideal opportunity to share music with the family.


Lorraine National Opera Orchestra


Nicolas Simon


Clément Lebrun

From 5 years old
Duration about 1 hour without interval

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