Season 20-21

Opéra national de Lorraine

I would have liked to present this new season to you in person in our opera house, but the context does not yet allow it. As I write these lines, there are still uncertainties about the start of the school year and the conditions under which we will be able to present operas and concerts to you. However, I have decided to present this season to you as we have dreamed of it for several months, even for several years with the artists and the opera teams. The schedule may be changed depending on changes in health rules. Regarding our subscription packages, they have been relaxed to give you the freedom to choose from all of our shows.

Transfigurer la nuit… this title, which we have chosen to give to our season, refers to Schönberg's string sextet, a work of great poetry. Of course, in the light of our current affairs, this "night" - which runs through all of our programming - takes on a very special meaning because we think of the forced night that has befallen our theaters and our lives. This expression is therefore also a call to find in art the strength to transform our societies, to imagine other possibilities and new dawns, and to make this darkness once again that which, in our rooms, precedes the raising of the curtain and the moment the show begins. I wish that the music regains its rights on our stages as quickly as possible but also as intensely as possible.

I wish you a good discovery of this season and, on behalf of all the teams of the Opéra national de Lorraine, I tell you very soon.

Matthieu Dussouillez
Director, Opéra national de Lorraine


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